Xelaration - Software Engineering and Robotics
Xelaration - Software Engineering and Robotics

Xelaration - Software Engineering and Robotics

Xelaration Hosts a Seminar on Using Agile to Develop Mobile Apps

Xelaration hosted a seminar on Using Agile to Develop Mobile Apps on May 29, 2013 at the Crystal Hotel in downtown Montreal. To know more about this event.

Accelerate the Success of our Customers

Xelaration is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of software engineering and robotics. Since its inception in 2003, Xelaration has successfully enabled tens of organizations and empowered hundreds of individuals with software engineering best practices, techniques and tools. In 2011, Xelaration expended in the field of robotics. Xelaration now offers robotic apps that extend the capabilities of personal robots and leverage the investment in robotic platforms.

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Software Engineering

In this day and age, software is everywhere and this trend keeps on growing. For organizations, business success is now directly tied to their ability at managing the lifecycle of their applications. Xelaration has made it its primary mission to assist organizations in improving their software engineering capabilities enabling them to achieve their business goals. Over the years, Xelaration has developped a strong expertise in iterative development best practices such as the Unified Process and Agile methodologies.

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Software Engineering


It is the dawn of personal robots. Before we know it, robots will not only collect dust but will be part of every aspects of our lifes. Xelaration is at the forefront of this emerging industry by providing robotic apps that enhance the limited capabilities of today's robots to make them accomplish more than what they were originally meant to.

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Banking, insurance, aviation and government are some of the industries where Xelaration customers operate. Organizations in all industries, including these, need software to run their business and manage their employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

"...vast experience in software project lifecycle methodologies and best practices was a key component in the RUP implementation success..."

"...instrumental in structuring and in contributing to the implementation of a well defined methodology for our business analysis discipline..."

"...in-depth experience and knowledge of software development lifecycle methodologies and best practices have been key contributing factors in our ability to define our Requirements Management approach and framework in a short timeframe..."

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Few companies have impacted the software industry as much as IBM. Xelaration became an IBM Business Partner in 2004 and the strength of the relationship has steadily grown ever since.

As an IBM Business Partner, Xelaration regularly collaborates with the Rational Software team on such activities as business development and professional services delivery. Xelaration is a reseller of Rational Software products to mid-market companies in Eastern Canada, and delivers consulting and training services all over the country and abroad.

The Xelaration team is certified in many of the Rational Software best practices, techniques and tools.

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IBM Business Partner

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